To Sellers

We provide a comprehensive title report for all properties registered with us for selling and advertise same in most newspapers, our web page & direct mailer campaigns. This service is provided absolutely free of charge. Only in the event we find a buyer for a property registered with us we charge 3% of the sale value as an agency commission.

To Buyers

We offer a wide range of properties from anywhere in the island and assure the buyer of a 100% clear dead as a title report is obtained by us before we list any properties for sale.


We are a one-stop shop for those who are looking to build on their own land. A free site inspection by our team of professionals, varied types of architects for the client to choose from, assurance of using the highest quality of materials, C5 contractors for construction, a 10-year warranty on the structure, all local authority approvals and obtaining of all utility connections are a few of the services we offer clients who entrust us with constructing their dream home.