Make that dream of living in a perfect home a reality with THE ONE.

*Initial site visit by our team of professionals ABSOLOTELY FREE * Reputed charted architects to make your dream home a reality WITHIN YOUR BUDGET * All plan approvals and utility connections obtained on your behalf. * ICTAD registered C5 construction company * 10 year warranty and 1 year free maintenance period.

Crafting a detailed and intricate work of art such as a customized design home takes time and personal attention. Customized home design services by THE ONE let you realize your dream home as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Through this process, your home is carefully designed and tailored to meet your needs and desires.

Every THE ONE customized design Home starts with the same unparalleled process.

The first step of every THE ONE customized design home is to stand with you on your land and listen to you as you tell us what it is about this location that you fell in love with. As the conversation continues, we review the opportunities and constraints that the site brings to the project. Then we'll discuss the hopes and dreams of the customized design home you are looking to build, and along with you, we begin to block out a footprint of your home on the site. This way, you can be assured that we are beginning to design a home on your land that captures the best features and views that your site has to offer.

Following the Onsite Review, the next step is to get away with you to a quiet spot and begin blocking out the concepts of your home design. Working together, you and THE ONE begin the process of taking the project from a dream… to a reality. You are part of every line we draw. At the end of the first day, we often have a nicely sketched set of concept plans and elevations. Click image to see examples.

After returning back to our office, THE ONE continues working with you to further refine the design through preliminary drawings of your customized home. New drawings can be e-mailed, faxed, or sent overnight for quick response. Click image to see examples.


Once the preliminary designs of your customised home are approved by you, we begin the process of preparing the construction documents. It is at this point that we hand over to you a detailed specification of your home, which includes details of the foundation, structure, finishes and materials to be used. At this stage we also confirm the final sale value and time period of construction, all of which is included in the construction agreement we sign with you. Having completed these formalities, we are now ready to lay the foundation stone of your home at a time specified by you and move on with the construction thereafter.


Once we have been through a couple of months of construction, supervised by our very own team of professionals, it is now time for you to get involved again. This time for one of the most exciting steps of the entire process – selecting of colours for the walls, tiles, and bathroom fittings. At this point we have our architect accompany you to the tile showroom and paint supplier, to guide you through selecting the colours for your home, a facet that plays the most vital part in determining how your home looks at the end of it all.


Having been through all these steps, it’s now the step you’ve been waiting for all the way long – Taking over THE ONE home; you’ve always wanted to live in. At this point we hand over to you, originals of the approved building plan, the COC (certificate of conformity this ), warranty certificates of the fittings used and most importantly the keys to your home along with a LITTLE SOMETHING else - what that is, you would ONLY find out if you entrust us with building THE ONE home, you have always wanted.